Recently, this heartwarming act of love left many reaching for tissues. Originally shared on TikTok, the viral video shows a caring boyfriend shaving his head after first shaving that of his girlfriend, Eva Bari. Eva is a French law student from Monaco who has alopecia, a condition that causes bald patches and severe hair loss. After periods of hair growth, Eva regularly shaves her head, but this time was a bit different.

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This viral TikTok video left many people in tears

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During the most recent shaving session, Eva asked her boyfriend to help and filmed the process to share on TikTok. “After months growing my hair for the first time in 10 years, I had to ask my boyfriend to shave my head again… [the] first time was my granddad,” she commented below the TikTok. The video shows Eva sitting down as her boyfriend carefully buzzes off her strands of hair, taking time to do it thoroughly. From time to time, Eva appears to be sad and sometimes distraught, but nonetheless brave and stoic.

The young woman has alopecia and had to buzz off her hair, and her boyfriend did the same in solidarity

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But it was the emotional ending of the video that left people in tears. After shaving down Eva’s head, her boyfriend takes the clippers to shave his own strands. After seeing her boyfriend shaving, the student breaks down into tears and the footage ends with the pair kissing and hugging.

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After months growing my ##hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my ##boyfriend to ##shave my ##head again… first time was my granddad.

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The original footage was shared on TikTok back in May, but has since exploded on other social media platforms as well. Thanks to one Twitter user Rex Chapman, the video has been viewed more than 11.5M times now and received over 215K likes.

People were touched by the boyfriend’s heartwarming act of love

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Even celebrities have responded to the now-viral video, including Ben Stiller, Kathy Griffin, and Seth Green. “More tissues please. More,” commented Kathy. “Humans’ capacity for love and compassion is unrivaled,” added the actor Seth Green.

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Even some celebrities have responded to the viral video

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