Sometimes, clueless children have the most hilarious accidents that can leave adults laughing to tears. You cannot leave them alone for a single second, as kids often cannot comprehend what consequences their actions will bring and it prompts them into doing the strangest things. A nurse Stephanie Plucknette from the USA recently shared the video of an accident involving her 3 children.

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When she was getting ready for work when she found her children experimenting with an electric razor.

As it turns out, her eldest son Teddy found the razor, plugged it in and played a barber with two other siblings. The sight of the disaster that took place left Stephanie in tears.

Teddy started out by shaving the top of his head, before leaving his sister with a huge bold spot between her ponytails. Even the youngest brother participated in the predicament, and he was left with a few random bald patches on top of his head.

It’s hard not to laugh when Stephanie asked Eloise if she likes her new haircut and the girl immediately replies “No”.

When asked why did she allow her brother to do it, Teddy interrupts and explains “She said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it and we wanted to show you.”

Stephanie shared the video she took on Instagram and it quickly went viral. While it was sad to look at these kids who turned their heads into a disaster, many people found it hilarious.

Many also praised the mother for staying so so calm and comforting her kids by explaining that the hair will grow back. Meanwhile, the kids have enjoyed having bald heads for a while.

Watch the video below

Ian Hagadorn shared Stephanie’s video on his twitter, click here to watch.

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