In September 2020, I went to the Arctic, Lofoten Islands, to create an art project “The Memory Of Water” with my female artist friends which brings attention to human nature and our connection with water.

Together with Małgorzata Suś, dancer and choreographer, and documentary filmmaker Linnea Grimstedt, we discovered breathtaking landscapes of Lofoten and found peace and stillness to reflect and focus on creation.

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We worked over 2 weeks to deliver this art project in the extraordinary landscapes of Lofoten and Lappland, dealing with harsh windy weather and temperatures of only 0 to 4+ degrees. Working every day for over 12 hours, we were researching the right locations, light, and weather, and then painting, filming, and photographing. I had to paint very fast and stay focused so the model and dancer Małgorzata wouldn’t get too cold and the light and colors of the landscape wouldn’t change.

Such artwork like camouflage body painting is visible only from one angle of the artist’s eye and had to be pictured and filmed from that exact angle to see this magic happen.

This is how it looked behind the scenes

It’s not our first successful collaboration with Małgorzata on environmental projects. In 2019, we won 1st place in the World Bodypainting Festival in the Special Effects category with the theme “Clear Mind, Clean Planet.”

In the coming years, our project “The Memory of Water” will continue traveling in the Nordic and Baltic regions, South Africa, and other places around the world.

Now, we are preparing an exhibition of works created in Lofoten, sharing materials and stories from the journey on social media, and working on the further development of the project “The Memory of Water.”

“The Memory Of Water” film

Filmmaker, editing, and bodypainting created by Vilija Vitkute

Dancer, model: Małgorzata Suś

Drone, film behind the scenes: Linnea Grimstedt

all rights @thememoryofwaterPRODUCTIONS