While China has seen a lot of growth and progress in the past decade there are still a few traditional ideas that continue to exist. The modern society still considers pink as a feminine color and blue as a masculine one. These two colors have huge impact in stunting societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity. In this project I worked closely with the Shanghai drag community to demonstrate a person is not confined to their stereotype and can therefore be both pink and blue. By mixing the traditional duality of pink-female and blue-male themes I hope to challenge the idea of stereotypes framing our identity.

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Joan, known as JUJU

“This is my LIFE.”


“It became my faith as I was learning to do it better, the experience taught me that it’s not just cross dressing, my creativity can only be truthfully unfold in drag.”

Eric, Knows as Erica Assdika

“I’ve followed the routine since I was young, being a good boy, a good student, and a good son. But I always know that I am different from other boys in my town. I started to challenge myself through drag, doesn’t care what others think anymore.”

Jio, Known as CoCosanti

“In China, my drag is not always understood. But I hope through drag like mine, China will be exposed to the variety of drag that I’ve been fortunate to grow up with. Drag is not simply ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race.’ It is bearded, punk, scary, political, nasty, club, eccentric. It is male, female, trans, kings, queens, in-betweens. Drag is not a single identity, despite what you see on social media. It’s so much more. Support your local kings and queens.


“I always think of myself at a young age wishing I had a relatable inspirational figure. I am that person today and I hope I can be that person for anyone who needs it. I hope to inspire people to simply be themselves and to let them know it’s okay to live in their truth, whatever it may be. Because that’s what I do day in and day out. And, to remember to love themselves and the next human beside them. Kindness costs nothing.”

Leigh-Anne, Known as Dorian:

“I am gender-fluid, which for me means sometimes I identify as female, sometimes as male, but mostly it’s a blend of both. Drag is not only my creative pursuit, it is also my self-expression, a way to present my more masculine side to the world while having fun and hopefully being entertaining at the same time. “

Madeleine, Known as Imma Kunt

“I want people to stop and think: What is this? Why does it make me feel like that? I want them to remember that feeling during and after I perform or maybe surprise them with a look I pull off, and take that confusion back to their lives to make them question the system we live in.