Have you ever had a vision that made you so uncomfortable to execute because you were so unsure if you could do justice to it? That was two nights ago for me. It pushed me and stretched me and made me nervous. This entire session was emotional. It wasn’t at all playful, like they normally are. Some of the images nearly had me in tears as I was taking them. And for good reason…

This whole issue going on in the world with racism absolutely crushes me. I didn’t choose to be born into white skin. A black person doesn’t choose their skin colour. Why it is socially acceptable ANYWHERE to be divided by the colour of our skin? Why is this something that is taught to our children? (Because this is definitely a LEARNED behaviour.) Black lives DO matter. I am so frustrated by the folks who want to say things like “Yes, but all lives matter.” OF COURSE THEY DO. But that’s not the point right now! The point is that discrimination happens and it is literally costing people their lives… all because of their skin colour.

Right now the point is that the way your eyes perceive how a person looks, determines how you feel about them without even knowing who they are. Right now the point is that THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. These photos are meant to express unity. They are meant to show the division in our society. They are meant to show the love between two human beings. They are meant to show harmony. Black lives matter to him. Black lives matter to her. Black lives matter, period.

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This particular image I can’t name, but I can tell you that in my 7 year career as a professional photographer, I have never been as emotional taking a photograph as I was while taking this one. I was *this* close to breaking down in sobs.