Kingsley Morgan is the perfect example why I’ve always complained to my parents about not having a big brother. Recently, his 16-year-old brother finally invited his crush over for dinner, so Kingsley did the only thing he could. The 25-year-old Jamaican went all on in an attempt to help his little bro impress the girl on their first date.

“We are very close,” Morgan told Bored Panda.”We do everything together. From watching and playing football together to swapping stories about each other’s day. He teaches me a few dance moves here and there and I help him with his assignments. I’m his confidant and we talk about anything he finds fascinating.”

Even though Kingsley said his brother loves football and dancing, he also admitted that the little fellow is usually quite quiet. Naturally, his family was thrilled to see the guy stepping outside of his comfort zone, pursuing the girl. “It was clear that he was trying to impress his date which meant the onus was on myself and my family to share that responsibility as well.” Scroll down to check out how the evening went!

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Recently, 25-year-old Kingsley Morgan has done something every big brother could learn from

People started adoring their incredible bond straight away

P.S. For all of you wondering, “yaw mi G enuh” is Jamaican for ‘you’re my general (G), you know’,” Kingsley explained. ” [This] means he has the utmost respect and admiration for me. ‘General’, ‘G’ for short, is a term of endearment in Jamaica, mostly used from one male to another.”