The New Bazar of Tirana has gotten a new lease of life. Ironically, approximately 87 years after it was first opened, today it looks younger than ever, modern and fresh, proudly bearing its name as the newest and trendiest traditional bazaar in town.

The revitalization of the New Bazaar neighborhood is an ambitious project, totaling approximately $5.5 million in investments, with an overall commitment of $3 million from the Albanian-American Development Foundation and a contribution of $2.5 million from the Tirana Municipality, in cooperation with the Albanian Government in reconstruction work. Private investments by business owners operating in the Bazaar has exceeded up to $4 million so far.

The new project of the Bazaar aimed to transform a filthy, slum-like area located close to the city center into a vibrant space, focal point for business and tourist development.

The New Bazaar is home to 308 businesses, generating approximately more than a thousand new jobs. Hundreds of small businesses and local vendors operate every day in the bazaar from 8 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock in the evening in two of the reconstructed markets: the Closed Market and the Green Market.

The Closed Market has a multi-functional character. It is made of 25 operating units selling meat, fish and pastries and of 2 cafés.

The Green Market, where local vendors sell fruits and vegetables has been conceived as a contemporaneous remake of the rooftops of traditional Tirana houses. It is made of 169 selling units accommodating 120 local vendors. Eighty percent of the vendors have been selling for years to that specific area, ten percent of the vendors come from the communes near Tirana and the other ten percent is made of new and innovative businesses in the agricultural field.

The vibrant, freshly painted facades and the new recreational square bring a new, positive energy to the neighborhood. It is attracting visitors from all parts of the city, eager to engage in a new shopping experience, in a place where they could also spend quality time with their families.

New businesses have come to the area and many more are looking for spaces to rent or purchase, turning the New Bazaar into a rising star, a new hot addition to the list of real estate agents in the city. The new looks have attracted new and innovative businesses, some of the best products and innovative brands.

Today the New Bazaar has changed into a place where tradition meets the future. A place that attracts innovative businesses, people who believe in change, the ones work hard for it, or the ones who want to experience and enjoy it.

The New Bazaar is a vivid space, the new hip place in Tirana.

Entrance of the New Bazaar prior to project implementation.

Entrance of the New Bazaar today.

Inside the Closed Market where local vendors sell fish, meat and dairy products

Green Market roof and a bright facade, painted with traditional Albanian motifs.

Inside the Green Market.

Vendors in the Green Market.

Customer and vendor at the Green Market.

A regular day at the New Bazaar of Tirana.

Recreational Space prior to project implementatio.

Recreational Space during construction works.

Recreational Space today.

Photo Credits: Gent Onuzi