Bikes have always been the green alternative to cars, and now cycling just got even greener thanks to these adorable little bike vases!

They were created by Colleen Jordan, an Atlanta-based designer and artist who runs Wearable Planter, a company dedicated to products that allow you to take plants and flowers with you wherever you go. The vases are 3D printed and finished by hand and they easily attach to the handlebars of your bike. As well as the vases, Wearable Planter also sells 3D printed jewelry, such as necklaces and badges that contain a tiny living plant.

Colleen draws her inspiration from the world around her, but she was also motivated to start her company when professors at Georgia Tech and Lund University showed little interest in what she admits are her slightly far-fetched ideas. “Almost every professor I presented this idea to said I couldn’t explore it in their class, which of course motivated me to make these machinations a reality.”

You can buy her bikes vases on Etsy, as well as her other products.

More info: Etsy (h/t)

You can buy her bikes vases on Etsy