It’s interesting how one picture with a witty caption can become a universally applied meme. One of the most recent examples is the “Go home, you’re drunk!”, which ridicules somebody’s failure, a misplaced object, or just awkward circumstances.

According to Know Your Meme, the first image this line was used on dates back to 2010, when on October 24th a picture was posted featuring a robbed man, saying “And I banged your mother!”, with an embarrassed man saying “You’re drunk dad, go home”. However, it wasn’t till August 6th, 2012, when a Redditor inquirewue submitted a picture of people running away from a crashing plane with a caption “Go away, plane, you’re drunk”. The post received 4600 votes and was the beginning of this trend.

The meme has already been around for a while, so it’s high time to list the best of “Go Home, You’re Drunk” meme examples.

Image sources: knowyourmeme, weknowmemes, imgur