During a time when it seems like walls between individuals and nations are popping up left and right, we are also reminded of when walls were torn down and people were once again reunited.

On November 9th, Berlin celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The highlight of the celebration was Patrick Shearn’s and his Poetic Kinetics team’s colorful motion art installation comprised of 120,000 colorful fabric ribbons.

Berlin hosted an open-air art installation commemorating the Peaceful Revolution’s 30th Anniversary

Image credits: Poetic Kinetics on Instagram

Poetic Kinetics is an experiential design and fabrication team that creates immersive larger-than-life art. The group brings together a variety of disciplines to form a unique, unexpected, and unconventional creative experience. Poetic Kinetics are known for a number of gigantic installations, like Escape Velocity, Solar Sunflowers, and Caterpillar’s Longing.

Image credits: Poetic Kinetics on Instagram

Kulturprojekte Berlin approached Patrick Shearn and his team to create a moving sculpture that would symbolize the unification of the German people. The art installation titled Visions in Motion was set up in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, stretching along the walkway away from it.

Visions in Motion included 120,000 colorful ribbons with messages of greetings, wishes, and hopes on them

Image credits: Poetic Kinetics on Instagram

The symbol of unity came in the form of 120,000 colorful ripstop nylon and reflective fabric streamers. A quarter of them had handwritten messages—greetings, wishes, memories, and hopes—from Germans themselves and the global community.

Image credits: Poetic Kinetics on Instagram

Around 9,500 feet of rope was used for the installation with more than 1,250 hand-tied knots. The work of art swayed majestically in the wind, creating a beautiful and immersive wave. A stronger gust brought down the wave low enough to engulf spectators and passers-by.

The vast art installation symbolizes unity of the German people

Image credits: Poetic Kinetics on Instagram

Visions in Motions was a part of a bigger event, the Berlin Festival Week, which took place on November 4th through the 10th. Visitors were able to participate in a variety of events, activities, and exhibitions spread across a number of historical locations to commemorate and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Poetic Kinetic also released a video for the Visions in Motion moving art installation


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