Until now, I haven’t had enough opportunities or funds to travel to different places that are unfamiliar to me with my family, or with anyone else for that matter. Hence, I decided to explore my very own city, my hometown Delhi.

Walking around in places that I have never been to before like monuments, common tourist spots and unexplored areas was how I finally discovered my passion for street photography. Keeping my camera with me at all times, I started to look at these places with my very own perspective.

I often go for photo walks, and exploring these places, asking for directions, and discovering offbeat areas often makes me feel like a tourist. Sometimes, I wake up early in the morning, and with great enthusiasm, pack my bag with my camera, a water bottle and a diary, and head out to explore the unexplored and get lost like a traveler in my own city. I have made the best of what I’ve got so far and wish to explore more of this beautiful world. I hope I can do it soon.

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