After much deliberation, my team and I decided to do the next shoot of my on-going project, called Iconic, on Joan of Arc. With the aim of creating an exhibition in homage to those who left a mark on their respective times and eras – how could I let the legendary Joan of Arc slip passed me?

What follows is somewhat of a visual diary of a small part of the process and eventual product of hours and hours of work behind the scenes of just one shoot – this shoot being one of many for Iconic.

More info:

The final products


Marine Simon, the model of the shoot, agreed to have her hair cut very short for the shoot. Joan of Arc had short hair so it did not hinder her in the battlefield.


Joris begins the long and delicate process of putting makeup on Marine.



On site

There was much to do once we arrived on sight for the outside shoot – including a cheeky selfie!

Lucie prepares Joan of Arc’s armor.

It started raining shortly after we arrived. We improvised using a reflector to protect Marine and the makeup.

The models

The shoot

The studio


Boris helps Marine take off her boots.

The team