Looks might not be everything, but looking fantastic can fill you with the confidence you need to live your life to the fullest. And a great hairstyle and fabulous makeup can make all the difference in the world when it comes to motivating you to do practically anything. One of the best hairstylists and makeup artists in the business is none other than 35-year-old Belarusian Yevgeny Zhuk who has been diving deep into the beauty industry from an early age and, together with his expert team of specialists, has beautified thousands of women.

He opened up his own salon in Moscow, Russia, became the host of several fashion and beauty TV shows, and is well known for thousands of seemingly magical before-and-after transformations. Have a look at some of the best transformations below and remember to upvote your fave ones as you scroll down.

You can barely recognize some of these women and they look absolutely magnificent. We’d also love to hear your opinions about Zhuk’s work, so don’t be shy—share your thoughts with us, dear Pandas! In the mood for some more inspirational hairstyles? Be sure to check out Bored Panda’s earlier article about Zhuk’s amazing transformations where he helps women rediscover how beautiful they are right here. Enjoy!

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Zhuk was born in Brest, in Belarus. Even though none of his family members were in the beauty industry, he decided that his future lay there and began pursuing his dreams wholeheartedly. When he was just 18, he officially became a hairdresser and spent the next 5 years building up his experience in Brest.

However, he felt like he was stagnating. That’s why he decided to shake up his life. Zhuk moved to Moscow. He was so dead-set to improve his skills that he sold his car just so he could set his roots down in the Russian capital.

He went all-out in Moscow, and at one point he was even working three jobs as a hairdresser during the economic crash of 2008, according to 24smi.org. That’s when he began to fully live his philosophy of living to the max.

Now that’s the sort of discipline and energy that gets you right on the path of success. And that’s exactly what happened to Zhuk who rose to great heights in the beauty industry.

Eventually, he opened up Zhuk.Studio and his very own spa, La Lubie. He’s won numerous awards for his skills and has hosted a handful of TV shows focused on beauty transformations.

Zhuk has extensive knowledge of the TV industry and was even a model at one point. He currently lives together with his wife, model Anastasia Belochkina, whom he married in 2019. They have a child together. Other than that, Zhuk keeps his private life private.

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