A week ago, Reddit user not-irene posted before-and-after pics of a guy who managed to turn his life around after quitting drugs and it blew up with 95.8k upvotes. The author of the post said that “the guy who pulled himself together deserves all the recognition.”

It appears that the guy in the photos is Travis, who has been battling drug addiction and celebrated being sober from opiates and benzodiazepines for over two years with a post on Twitter. After learning about his story going viral, he later joined the discussion on Reddit to share more about his journey.

“Hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Stayed in rehab for over a year and a half because I couldn’t trust myself.”

Inspiring stories like this show that no matter how difficult and challenging it might be to get your life back, it’s possible and more than worth it. These drastic before-and-after images speak louder than words, and if they can help at least one person in desperate need of motivation and support—keep them coming!

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Travis celebrated 745 days drug-free with a post on Twitter

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The tweet posted on May 13th got 847.8k likes and 69.4k retweets along with thousands of wholesome and encouraging comments.

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“I went from looking like that every day to looking genuinely happy and loving life”

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After Travis got his life back on track, he glowed up

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Image credits: hollowed

Image credits: hollowed

Image credits: hollowed

Image credits: hollowed

Here’s how people on Twitter reacted to Travis’ amazing transformation

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Some got inspired to share their own sobriety stories

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