Meet Luca, the Alaskan Malamute that loves to destroy her toys! Karissa Lerch, from Durham in North Carolina, always wanted a dog, but couldn’t afford one while in college. She got a toy dog from Toys-R-Us instead, and when she could finally afford a dog, gifted the toy to Luca. The two became inseparable.

“I passed the stuffed animal down to her and she has kept it by her side at all times ever since,” said Lerch online. “It’s her baby :) She carries it around everywhere and always has it with her when she goes to bed.”

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 8-week-old Luca loved to destroy her toys, but she kept this one close

A year and a half later, after many destroyed toys, these two are still inseparable

These are some of the other toys that Luca’s gone through

The owner originally got the stuffed animal in college, as she couldn’t afford having a real dog

A few years later, she was finally able to get her own dog so she passed the stuffed animal down to her – the two became inseparable