Who wouldn’t want to be a kid again, right? Salad days are long forgotten now, but you can still go back to those times by recreating childhood photos. A while ago, photographer Irina Werning released her Back To The Future photo series, depicting two brothers reenacting their favorite childhood pictures. These series of then and now photos were a huge hit, and so the trend was born.

After Irina has published her images, people figured out that these awkward, yet cheering family photos can be a great gift for your loved ones or a great excuse to act like children again. Careless, joyful and enthusiastic, this funny picture trend is here to stay.

We have collected a list of the most creative and funny childhood photo recreation shots for a taste of nostalgia and to be inspired to create your own series.

Father and son

Source:  then-and-now-photos.tumblr.com

Two brothers and their cousins in a tub

Image credits: Pacificfrim

10 years apart

Image credits: imgur.com

Family 22 years apart

Source: zefrank.com

Two brothers and sister

Image credits: RUSirius7

Loving pasta then and now

Image Credits: mmmpotpie

Cecile 23 years apart (1987 & 2010, France)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Mother and son

Image credits: unknown

Leanne 29 years apart (1982 & 2011, New York)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Together for 50 years (1961 & 2012)

Source: Tumblr

Meeting Hulk Hogan

Source: reddit

Father and son 28 years apart

Image Credits: unknown

Taylor & Josh 15 years apart

Image credits: PowdersvilleBeast

Christoph 21 years apart (1990 & 2011, Berlin Wall)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Pizza and burger 18 years later

Image credits: chuckhooperjnr

20 years apart

Image credits: olias32

Father and son 60 years apart (1949 – 2009)

Image credits: Voyage-voyage

Mechi 20 years apart (1990 & 2010, Buenos Aires)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Brother and sister still love playing in the sand

Source: zefrank.com

15 years apart

Image credits: schwatyousay

The white T-shirt guy

Image credits: yz125

Best friends 29 years apart

Source: then and now

17 years apart

Source: zefrank.com

Family portrait in a red van

Image credits: Sarah Bradshaw

Three brothers 29 years apart (1984 – 2013, Texas)

Source: imgur.com

Still sitting on the toilet

Source: zefrank.com

Two brothers 20 years apart

Image credits: naythd

Father and his kids 23 years apart

Source: elmeme

Johanes 17 years apart (1994 -2011, Hamburg)

Image credits: Irina Werning

13 years later

Source: imgur