At some point in our lives we all have been forced  to eat some vegetables by our moms. But let’s admit it, veggies are no candies or cookies. So can they be a bit more appealing? Well, it appears, they can. American designer Scott Garner thinks that vegetables can be used for musical purposes. While experimenting, he created a music box that aims to play drum beats by interacting with veggies. It’s called the “Beetbox”.  The created instrument has a capacitive touch sensor and an audio amplifier. The whole technological  part is hidden in the wooden box and then the instrument is “decorated” with beets. Scott says that he was interested in creating complex technical interactions in which the technology would be invisible—both in the sense that the interaction would be extremely simple and in the literal sense that no electronic components could be seen.

On the comical note, maybe the “Beetbox” could be useful to some rocker with passion for ecology or at least for root veggies? Not to mention that playing the “Beetbox” is fairly easy. The music sounds are created when the beets are touched or tapped. The tactile action sends signals to a script that reacts to movements and creates a sound of a drum. The idea here is pretty simple – beat the beets to create some good beats.

Website: Scott Garner