Because feeling good also means treating yourself to the food that you want 😋 . I know I’ve been sharing a lot of calorie comparison posts lately so I wanted to remind you you don’t have to always beat yourself over caloric goals & amounts. . While the left side is fueling your body, the right side might be fueling your soul ❤️ That doesn’t mean you should have a clean eating lifestyle where you feel the need to binge on foods often. . Rather, you should have a healthy lifestyle you enjoy where you can have treats in spots you want them (NOT when someone is forcing you or on some random occasion you don’t really care about) 💫 . I often get asked “What happens when I do binge eat? How do I fix?”. Quite simply forgive yourself & get back to your healthy eating routine 😉 not need for some crazy “cleanse” 😛 . Left side is 6oz seared ahi tuna, steamed cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers & mixed greens with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing (not shown). Right side is 2 chocolate chip cookies with 8oz milk.

Because Feeling Good Also Means Treating Yourself To The Food That You Want

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