Photographies made by professional ornithologist – Boris Belchev:

“I was always interested in Nature from early age, when I begin to study nature science in primary school in Pleven, Bulgaria, my dream was to become a VET. Since nature was my passion, after graduating high school I chose to study Biology in Sofia University, Bulgaria. But passion for travel and adventures never dies…, so after quitting University, I went to Alaska to earn money for Photography equipment. All went out that I got married for Lithuanian girl and moved to Lithuania, natural beauty and surroundings, makes me think about continuing my studies and in 2014 I got graduated as Ecologist in Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas Lithuania. Photography and how to express everything that is surrounding us I share with my Nature photography. From 2007 I fascinated to Wildlife photography, especially birds. So now, I express myself in photography.”

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