Bushy long beards are approaching the mainstream, so wannabe trendsetters need to find new ways for their facial hair to stand out. This holiday season, these bizarre Beard Baubles will do the trick – these clip-on Christmas beard decorations will turn men’s faces into glittering festive centerpieces!

The Grey London creative agency, together with designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, came up with this strange beard accessory. Surprisingly, they are wildly popular – the first run of them has already sold out, though more should be made available. The proceeds will go to Beard Season, an Australian charity whose goal is to raise awareness of melanoma.

So, scroll down below and check this new outrageous beard style. Who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted to finish off your own Christmas outfit with facial baubles this year!

More info: beardbaubles.tictail.com (h/t: dailymail)