An Ontario Provincial Police officer pulled over Batman while he was on his way back home in his Batmobile. But it wasn’t because he broke the law or anything.

“I acquired the Batmobile about five or six years [ago],” Batman Stephen Lawrence told Bored Panda. The superhero added, however, that it’s a good idea to practice driving a car like this before hitting the road.

He was driving from Parry Sound on Saturday when he noticed people taking photos of him in his vehicle. “I left highway 400 as early as I could because the cellphones were getting quite bad,” he said. “I ended up on King Street in Caledon. This I thought was perfect for me. One lane each way, quiet, scenic road, and newly paved.”

But along the drive, he noticed motorists in front and rear of him “driving in a predictable pattern” that indicated to him the recording and picture taking by cell phones. ” I hung back to discourage the only one I can. Red light ahead, I noticed an O.P.P. SUV cruiser in the pole position at the red lights. I took the left turn lane to pull up beside the cruiser and ask the officers help to discourage the motorists behind the both of us. She said yes. I then pulled ahead of the officer as the light was already green.”

“Further down the road, I noticed the escort lights now were the pull over lights,” the superhero added. “I stopped, jumped out, so I can ask the officer, ‘is everything alright?'” It was. The police officer just wanted something to remember the joyous occasion by.

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Meet Stephen Lawrence, probably the most devoted Batman impersonator ever

He even has a fully functioning Batmobile

Which gets a lot of attention

“I noticed that I was being tailed by a couple of cameras (I can tell when there are recordings happening of me driving)”

He noticed a police vehicle at the stop light

“I pulled up beside the cruiser in the left turn lane and asked the officer to give me a hand with the cameras behind me”

The officer happily escorted him for a while but put on their emergency lights a few moments later, pulling the superhero over

Batman wasn’t speeding or anything. But the reason was an important one nonetheless

“I jumped out and asked if everything was OK and the officer said, ‘I would like to not miss my opportunity and get a photograph with you'”

Check out the video below to see how it happened

Naturally, it wasn’t the first time something like this happened

Earlier, he was pulled over earlier for the same reason while on his way to visiting a sick child

Soon after the story went viral, people reacted in the funniest ways