According to the idea, in the old days, there was always a close relationship between life and the moon: the full moon and crescent moon can interchangeably mean joy and sorrow, reunion, gathering, and a farewell. The full moon is a symbol of reunion, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is also alternatively called the reunion. This is also the occasion to care, show gratitude to parents and friends, to reunite, and love again.

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Mid-Autumn Festival is a Vietnamese tradition closely related to the worship of the Moon

So, on the Mid-Autumn Festival, according to Vietnamese custom, all family members put the feast tray on the altar to worship the moon (pray to heaven and earth). Families gather together, enjoy tea, eat cake, and look at the moon; children dance while singing, walk with the lamp, and dance with the dragon.

On Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival families reunite and feast together

On that occasion, we wanted to create something inspiring for our little girl

For this year we’ve decided to substitute more traditional cakes with these

My wife made some cakes out of cake mousse. Mousse cakes are light, smooth, and spongy—perfect to shape a cute dog

The process requires a lot of effort and attention to details