The Wisconsin Humane Society attends to 40,000 abandoned animals each year and relies on donations to make all of that work possible. To make sure it reaches its goals, the organization launched a new fundraiser campaign on the 25th of February.

"It's time to put the 'fun' back in fundraising... if you donate $15 to the animals at WHS, we'll make a portrait drawing of your pet," its Facebook post said. "We have a pool of staff and volunteers standing by, eager to turn your animal into a timeless work of art (or at least make you laugh). You might get one of our extremely talented artists, but we'll be honest... you'll probably get someone who can't draw their way out of a paper bag."

The submissions for pet portraits -- and donations -- immediately started pouring in. Continue scrolling to check out how the Humane Society dealt with them!

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Angela Speed, the Vice President of Communications at the Wisconsin Humane Society told Bored Panda that the inspiration for this unique fundraiser came from a similar campaign done by an animal shelter group in Baltimore, BARCS. "We reached out to them about borrowing their idea, and also to learn more about how they made their campaign successful; we really appreciated their support and guidance!" Speed said.

Eventually, the flood of requests for these funny drawings got so big, the organization couldn't keep up with them anymore. So, it stopped accepting new submissions just one day in. But that's a good thing. "You all are truly incredible and surpassed our wildest expectations," The Wisconsin Humane Society wrote. "Our artists are working tirelessly to get the masterpieces of your adorable pets back to you as soon as possible, though it may take a few days at this point. Thank you all so much for your outpouring of support for the animals!"

"The volunteers who wielded crayons and colored pencils have been working tirelessly to get them finished. We had to close the campaign about 36 hours after we launched it, as we were so flooded with pet pics."

In total, the Wisconsin Humane Society raised about $12,000, which is truly fantastic. In addition, the campaign reached thousands of animal lovers, and engaged people with WHS in a unique and fun way. "February in Wisconsin can be a dreary month to get through, and we hope it brought a little bit of unexpected joy with our bad drawings into the hearts of our supporters."


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Wisconsin Humane Society Report

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Is this one digital? I love it. HOW did they do it? Which app?? I really like this one, even if it's not drawn with pen/paper, it's still very cool! Can someone please tell me which app they used?

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Bad-Pet-Drawings-Wisconsin-Humane-Society-Donation Shares stats

Wisconsin Humane Society Report

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