Finding a small animal latching on to your beloved pet’s back might seem like a scary scenario at first glance, but sometimes it can be a rather wholesome moment. As in the case of Sally Watkinson who discovered a baby Australian ringtail possum clinging for dear life to her puli dog’s back.

The woman shared this incident on her Facebook page by posting a set of pictures showing the cutest little possum hitching a ride on her dog Kato’s back. She also shared some details about the whole thing, including the fact that it happened twice!

First, Sally found a tiny female possum sitting on one of her pets’ back. Luckily, neither of her dogs seemed to notice or mind the little marsupial. Her partner Jon spent the afternoon looking for wildlife rescue organizations to help and the dogs were eventually taken to the vet whereas the possum was taken to be later transported to the care of wildlife rescue.

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An Australian woman made an unexpected discovery when she noticed a small animal clinging to her dog’s back

And then, only a day later, Sally shared an update that it happened again. This time, the Australian woman found a baby boy clinging to her dog’s fur. “This one was annoying him a bit more as it seemed to be digging in a bit, Hugo [her other dog] was still ignoring it,” Watkinson shared in a Facebook post.

“This time, the vet nurse nearly fell off her chair when we turned up,” Sally detailed their second trip to the vet’s, with yet another baby possum. This one was a boy possum and as the woman reported, he “should also be ok”.
In the comments under her original post, Watkinson also shared some additional information about the situation. The babies are well taken care of by a wildlife carer and will be released back into the wild when they’re ready. The couple speculates that the poor possums were orphaned because a possum catcher took their mother. “Possum man has not returned calls regarding what happened to the mother, therefore, no opportunity to reunite and release,” the woman shared the disheartening news. She also reported that they’ve consulted with the vet who informed them that such possums as the ones found usually have a litter of 2-3, so they are keeping an eye out in case there’s a third one somewhere.

Bored Panda has reached to Watkinson for additional information. We sure are glad that the tiny possums decided to cling to their canine rescuer who, thankfully, didn’t mind the little marsupials hitching a free ride on his back.

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