Halloween is just around the corner and you don’t have a babysitter yet? What if I were to tell you that actually, maybe you don’t need one!

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With a bit of creativity you can quite easily incorporate your little bundle of joy into your scary costume, with the help of a baby carrier and some DIY skills.

We here at Bored Panda have helpfully put together a list of people who have done just that, which you can use for inspiration. So scroll down to check out the list below, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite. It’s Halloween, baby!

#1 Mr. President

Mr. President

amberilyn Report

Lara B. 9 months ago


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#2 This One Is Actually Scary

This One Is Actually Scary


Mr. Toothless 9 months ago

The baby is so innocent xD

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#3 "Little" Spider

"Little" Spider

reireiinc Report

Nancy E 9 months ago

Super cute !

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#5 Baby Rapunzel Costume

Baby Rapunzel Costume

Megan Report

Isabel Tamayo 9 months ago

Daddy is taking his part seriously...

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#6 We've Got This

We've Got This

kellyejensen Report

Hikari 9 months ago

Look at that happy, confident baby's smile!

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#8 Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume

Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume


Isabel Tamayo 9 months ago

Oh the mustache! 1 up!

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#9 E.T. And Elliot Costume

E.T. And Elliot Costume

costume-works Report

PyroarRanger 9 months ago

The baby even has the finger!

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#10 Awesome Costume

Awesome Costume

wrapyourbaby Report

ADHORTATOR 9 months ago

Dobby is free... look the the sock---ah I love these details!

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