I took the month of August off making comics. After doing this almost daily for 18 months (and working full time), I felt very burnt out and disillusioned with the internet.

Comics don’t always have to be funny, and some people get unreasonably upset if they don’t personally enjoy the comic. I mean, I try to make them at least a little quirky, but sometimes I’m just expressing myself, and it’s not even meant to be funny. I want to make actual comics, not memes.

Expressing yourself on the internet is dangerous. You’re very vulnerable, and people interpret your stuff in 100 different ways you can’t anticipate.

So be careful out there, don’t read the comments, and turn notifications off. It will do you a world of good. Or don’t, I’m not your dad.

In any case. Here is my new batch of comics. If you've missed my previous posts here on Bored Panda you may find them here and here.

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I’m Australian. I was born in Sydney and moved to a tiny village about 8 hours north when I was 6. It was so small, there were only 50-60 kids at the local primary school during my time there. I moved to Brisbane a few years after high school and never looked back. I loved comics ever since I was little. I used to sit in the sunroom with my dad on Saturday mornings while he read the newspaper and I read “the funny pages.”

The main character is a sort of self-insert character, although she doesn’t look anything like me. I really like space buns and fun coloured hair, so I drew a few different characters one day before I decided she was the one. My first name is Eirinn and Ske is the 3-letter name I used to use for video game high scores. My older brother used SME, I copied him and used SKE. It is pronounced like ‘Erin Ski.’ I kind of wish I chose an easier username for people.

It’s a really good feeling when I post a comic right before bed and I wake up to a good response, that’s not always the case so I really treasure it when it happens. I wouldn’t say I expected it but I always hope for it. Some comics I personally like a lot and think will do well absolutely bomb. The hardest part is forcing an idea, I have some techniques to help but you can’t get blood from a stone, nothing beats organic inspiration. The easiest part is lining it after the draft is done, it’s my favorite part, very relaxing. The writing is just as important as the art, look into how to write or craft a joke to help elevate your work. It’s something that takes practice, I’m still learning.

I’m moving away from the 4-panel style and into just storytelling. My goal one day is to quit my full-time job and write a graphic novel that will probably have something to do with time travel.

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