The jolliest of festivities has the most beautiful and easily identifiable symbol. Who doesn’t recognise a nice, well decorated Christmas tree? Who doesn’t want one for the comfort of their home?

Trends are trends and while some people prefer plastic trees to real ones, some diy fans have decided to create trees of their own. Enjoy this awesome collection.

Ornaments Tree

No need to buy a fake or real Christmas tree when you have imagination and lots of ornaments.

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Santa Tree

Contrary to popular opinions, this Christmas tree is bright red and not the classic green. The belt ads a finishing touch.

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Wall Tree

Turns out you don’t always need a tree to put presents under. Sometimes you just need lights,a clean wall
and some free time.

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8-bit Christmas Tree

Classic gamers certainly have their own way and standards of celebrating the jolly holiday.

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Pac Man Christmas Tree

Yet another game related Christmas tree, on a much bigger scale this time.

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Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Turns our even the simple egg cartons can be used to make a great untraditional Christmas tree.

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Bottle Christmas Tree

Get some lights and quite a few bottles and you’ve got yourself a great pub themed Christmas Tree.

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Present Box Christmas Tree

Who said presents need to go only below the Christmas tree? In the case of this shop they obviously make the tree.

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Chocolate Bar Tree

So many chocolate bars and candy can make even the Grinch feel happy it’s Christmas

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The Dark Side of Christmas

“I am your Christmas tree, Luke Skywalker.”