I am Darya from Siberia and my favorite hobby is to make toys. When I was a child, I imagined that the world around us was populated with invisible spirits: I could talk to the wind and the rain, grandma’s chair was complaining about the old back in the silence of the evening, the toys came to life when no one saw them, and little magic creatures lived everywhere, they were brisk, cheerful and mischievous.

Then I grew up, but my imagination, fortunately, has stayed with me. About ten years ago I caught the eye of a master class on creation of moveable toy animals. “That’s it!” I thought, and the same day made my first toy dragon of a piece of polymer clay, paper clips and old gloves. Then I realized that this technique can be used for almost anything, including those little fictional creatures from my childhood.

Since that moment creation of toys became a part of my life. An endless source of inspiration for me is the diversity of nature and human emotion, fairy tales, stories and legends. I like to make toys with movable body and durable enough to live an active life together with their masters: to travel, to walk around the city, to participate in photo shoots in nature. It seems to me that in this way the tale becomes more vivid and tangible.

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Little dragons that live in the foliage and flowers

Fiery dragon