I worked at night shift at my hospital. It was a long day.

10:00 – wake up

Tried to sleep in as much as possible. 10:00 was a pretty good effort.

11:00 – actualy get dressed

Took my a while to face the day.

12:00 – coffee

Tried to not hit an afternoon dip by having a midday coffee.

13:00 – gym

Had to hit the gym.

14:00 – bike ride

Bike ride to keep the muscles moving.

15:00 – house stuff

Doing nothing at home. Contemplating my life decisions.

16:00 – groceries

Unfortunately, I needed food and groceries. Got caught up in the lolly aisle.

17:00 – evening coffee

Just keep the engine ticking over.

18:00 – read

Had a bit of a read to conserve energy.

19:00 – carbs

Nachos for power.

20:00 – snug

Some time for snuggles.

21:00 – getting ready

The time had come.

22:00 – start work

22:00 starts at work are brutal.

23:00 – fresh

Surprisingly fresh at one hour.

00:00 – a new day

Midnight on the ward.

01:00 – snack

The hospital at night is full of snacks and the nurses are nice enough to feed me.

02:00 – starting to get over it

Starting to feel it.

03:00 – phone calls

Trying to convince radiology of the need for a chest xray.

04:00 – tea and youtube

Things quietened down. Took a break with a cup of tea and some of my favourites videos to keep up morale.

05:00 – the drug cupboard

Back into it.

06:00 – sunrise

Felt a little more perky as the sun came up.

07:00 – the patients wake up

A few early morning emergencies got the adrenaline pumping.

08:00 – quitting time

The feeling of finishing a night shift.

09:00 – drive home

Tough drive home. Pretty weary by this point.

10:00 – bed

Got into bed after a long day. No feeling like it.