London-based photographer and former biathlete Dominika Cuda has gathered cross-fit champions, ballerinas, horse riders and other sportsmen and women to capture their incredibly well-built physiques for an electrifying charity calendar.

“This is the third edition of the sports calendar, so it was much easier to coordinate with people from abroad as I had done it twice before,” Cuda told Bored Panda. “It wasn’t as much about choosing people as it was more about who appreciated the project and who wanted to participate. [The athletes] contacted me and I said that if they wanted to participate then they were more than welcome to join.”

While developing the idea of what the calendar should look like this year, Dominika ran into some financial problems. Even without funding, Cuda didn’t lose hope and continued her work. “I was the only one with the vision and I had no sponsor. Taking the risk, I funded the project myself.”

The pictures were taken at locations around Warsaw, Poland. The images come together to form a 300-page diary and personal planner for 2018, including daily training schedules and tables to record goals, achievements, and results.

The sales of the calendar contribute to the One Year Fund, which supports underfunded young athletes with footwear, clothing, and other gear. “I used to be a biathlete, so I know that chasing your dream requires funding for equipment and training,” Cuda said. “We reach out to the best and brightest, help them stay on their chosen path and motivate them in achieving their goals.”

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