I'm Alex, amateur 36-year-old photographer. I was visiting my sister near Porto and was thinking about a spontaneous trip to Madeira for a few days. But what I found there I didn't expect. It was by far the most exciting trip I made so far. The island is pure magic. I remember when I was on the Pico do Arieiro and watching down into the deep cliffs, which were filled with clouds. I felt absolute happiness. Later on my trip, I went to the magic tree wood in the final witch is one of my favorite spots in Madeira. I can not explain how trees can grow like that. Its a mystical place witch hits my creativity, and I shot some of my best pictures there.

Madeira is an archipelago located in North Atlantic Ocean, and it's one of the only two autonomous regions in Portugal. Despite it having only a population of 289,000, it's a region that's booming with tourists, as it is well known for its beautiful natural views.  

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