Artist in the Ozarks turns old watch parts into Halloween jewelry. Located in her home in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, jewelry designer Rebecca Epp (Bex) creates magically whimsical steampunk wonders. Each item she makes is unique to the others. She never makes the same thing twice.

“I love creating secret stories in my jewelry. Some people catch it right away, others don’t. The ones who do, truly connect with the piece.”

You can meet Bex and see her Halloween themed jewelry at the Eureka Springs Zombie Invasion 2019, this October in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Everything you see here is currently on sale on her website and in her Etsy Shop.

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Steampunk Black Widow By The Steampunk Buddha. Inspired by the beautiful black widow, this clockwork pendant brings steampunk and Halloween together.

Blacklight Reactive Jewelry By The Steampunk Buddha

Gothic Skulls By The Steampunk Buddha

Steampunk Vampire Necklace By The Steampunk Buddha

Custom Ouija Boards By The Steampunk Buddha

Vampire Queen Pendant By The Steampunk Buddha

Rebecca Epp Artist and Owner at The Steampunk Buddha