During the past year, people have been confined to live small: no great road trips, events, and gatherings were possible due to the lockdown. To most, this restricted way of everyday life has become somewhat depressing. But as Pascal Campion's beautiful idyllic illustrations show, the happiness and the cure to this depression lies exactly in those small moments of everyday life, not outside of them.

Pascal's works are not in any way grandiose or fantastical—his illustrations stick to the more prosaic and idyllic imagery, which is something most of us can easily recognize in our own lives. He is a happily married husband and a father, and naturally, he draws inspiration from his own life and his own little special moments with his children and his wife. It goes to show that the beauty of life isn't anything grand, but rather comprises little wonders of day-to-day life.

It's no wonder that the French-American illustrations easily find a way into people's hearts. So much so that he has a whopping 769k followers on Instagram, not even counting fans on other social media platforms. His brilliant images were also featured here on Bored Panda, and our readers just loved it. You can find a link to it here, if you haven't seen it yet.

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Mr. Campion has worked in animation for over 20 years, and it has become his main job. However, he admits that sometimes the work was directly opposite to drawing. Working there, he learned to add emotion to the image and the environment and learned to stop worrying about the essentials of a drawing, as animation is more focused on the narrative, rather than a single image. In some ways, it even reflects in the work we featured today, as it's very expressive and conveys a lot of things with very little effort.

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