Artist Frank franklin has recently been turning heads in more ways than one.

His vibrant scenes with silhouetted characters are beautiful pieces of art in their own right. But when rotated through 90 degrees the hidden faces become clearly recognizable as famous Music and Movie Icons.

Each piece takes an enormous amount of work, through a number of stages. Just studying the faces may take a number of days, to get them to reveal the hidden scenes within.

He is currently working in his studio on a selection of new pieces, and is planning a run of exhibitions this year. He plans on featuring some large pieces on rotating frames to encourage interaction. Also promising something within the show that is, "Rather special, that will take this concept a step further."

More info: Facebook

#1 Sun, Sea, And Scar

Sun, Sea, And Scar

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#2 Picking Grapes In The Purple Haze

Picking Grapes In The Purple Haze

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#3 Rod And Surreal

Rod And Surreal

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#4 We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

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#5 Walking With Dragons

Walking With Dragons

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#6 One Love Of Skiing

One Love Of Skiing

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#7 Cats In A Cage

Cats In A Cage

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