Think these beautifully colored abstract canvases would look great on your wall? Sure, you’d just have to put up with the fact they’re made entirely from puke. LA-based artist John Knuth creates paintings using house flies and their natural external digestive process. More than 250,000 flies are being fed sugar mixed with watercolor pigments and because of their constant regurgitation, they leave multi-colored vomit specks all around the canvas.

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Knuth started working with flies because of his interest in their digestion and spread of diseases: “The more I worked with them the more I got interested in the process of condensing them to make something beautiful and beyond their nature.”

And though the artist himself doesn’t find flies icky, that’s not a cup of tea for a lot of other people. Check out his paintings and let us know if this art is “woo” or “boo” for you?

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