Everyone of us has some moments in life when something is not going as it was supposed to. It is usually a job, relationship or family. There are moments when you hit head against the wall to find the solution to the problem but you can’t find any. The struggle is real. But have you ever tried to find some humour in a miserable situation? That is what Levni Yilmaz does.

Levni Yilmaz is a San Francisco-based animator mostly known for series “Tales of Mere Existence”, a Comic & Animation Comedy series in which he recounts personal anecdotes, stories, events, situations or thoughts that occur in his own life, and thus deals with themes of internal conflict, alienation and doubt. His videos are told from a rather pessimistic viewpoint and tend to have a sarcastic undertone.

“Tales of Mere Existence “explores subjects people THINK about, but do not talk about.”

Levni makes alienation fun!

So scroll the page and cheer up!


Levni gets his stuff done.


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