“I hear and I forget.

I see and I believe.

I do and I understand”

– Confucius

We all see how quickly the world changes with disruptive technologies and innovation tend providing new ways of accessing information, interacting with the environment, and the ways we learn and know things. Innovative technologies are even more valuable for education because education creates the future of our kids. The immersive education creates the future of our kids from early years.

Nowadays, there is even a greater need to implement innovative approach to transform the future of education equipping teachers with necessary tools, material and best solutions for the classroom use and beyond that can help enhance children’s learning. Teachers are always on the “hunt” for innovative ideas and solution to implement in the K-12 environment to capture the students’ attention and inspire their learning with ideas about which they will be also thinking after they left the classroom.

One of the revolutionary trend in the Top 5 technologies that are transforming the future education – is the use of Augmented reality (AR) in the classroom. Its aim is to develop children’s imagination where “the boring school subject like geometry or geography suddenly brought to “Life” and start speaking for itself” providing interactive and engaging learning.

“AR in the classroom: No boredom, no need for students to memorize, instead it’s all about passion, curiosity, full attention and imagination by being actively visually engaged in a deeper exploration of the subject”

Inna Armstrong,

VP of Business development at CleverBooks

Augmented reality (AR) is the future of education as it is radically changing the landscape of teaching methods as one of the most innovative approaches. AR represents additional layer of information to our real life and, let us name it, making a connection between existing real objects and known information about them, i.e. it gives us a better knowledge about reality.

As an innovative tool, AR has found several applications in the education space as it brings a number of benefits including opportunity to visualize abstract concepts like in geometry or science, develop imagination of the kids by travelling the world with a mobile device from the comfort of your home by just installing the right mobile application and having the marker at your hand. Marker or trigger as it is also called is a picture, can be a QR code or anything that was taken initially to be the starting point of launch of augmented reality. The number of elements in the picture as well as a number of pixels can reproduce to a user a pre-programmed scenario of augmented reality.

Technology in our hand becomes technology of the future and AR becomes an essential part of educational tools because it optimizes learning, improves comprehension and increases motivation for learning, especially for kids who can’t imagine their lives without mobile devices and computers.

“AR helps with visual, auditive and kinesthetic senses and it engages all of them and, therefore, augments perception of reality. Thanks to these features there is a huge potential for improving kids learning process and makes a life of a teacher easier in the sense of equipment and getting ready for a lesson. Teacher can create, visualize and manipulate objects with one device and an application right in the classroom.”

Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks

It is already crystal clear that Augmented Reality apps will change the way we educate our kids by proving all-round development and growth. Due to the capabilities of AR kids can easily explore the physical world and it helps not only in abstract learning but also engages and empower kids in learning subjects like geometry or geography right from their classroom or home. This changes educational content relation and brings new experiences as well as helps to acquire material 3 times quicker due to engagement of all perception channels: visual, auditive and kinesthetic and develops more interest in any subject where this technology has been applied.

AR is a very powerful magical tool available for all teachers now to compliment the traditional teaching approach with innovative technology focused on primary education sector. It works on both Android and Apple devices as it provides learning and acquiring information in any place. The question is: Are you still in the Stone Age with the way you deliver information in your classroom?

This immersive technology is no longer a dream, it’s a reality that is available from CleverBooks to supplement existing curriculum in any country in the World to use FREE of charge to implement in the Geometry App with AR lessons for K-12 classroom to excel their learning and the Geography App with AR is on its way to be fully released in January 2018. You can download CleverBooks Geometry App from Google play or Apple Store together with Free PDF flashcards that can be printed and used by teachers in the classroom.

Article on how to use AR in the classroom: https://www.cleverbooks.eu/school-education-augmented-reality/

Are you, as an educator, jumping on the right train? The way we teach kids today predestines what they become tomorrow. Transform Your Classroom with Augmented Reality!

About CleverBooks

The company with in innovative product already caught attention by a number of Educational Platforms, International Publishers, Learning Disabilities Association and Education Associations around the world. Over the last year CleverBooks was featured in Forbes, various Radio programs in EU and US, Magazines (Irish Tech News, Ireland’s Technology Blog) that support the Innovation in education, participated in the Dragon Dan TV 2017 show and VOOM 2016 start-up accelerator competition, furthermore, according to the Culture Trip CleverBooks nominated as one of the top 10 promising new businesses to come out of Ireland in recent years.

Let’s create a bright future for our children together!

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