Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental illnesses in America. They can mean nervousness, irritability, and problems sleeping or concentrating. Of course, these are just the some of the symptoms and not what’s actually causing people to lose pleasure from their daily life.

Premiering today, the new original scripted web series, KATIE & SHAUN, looks to shine a significant and meaningful light on anxiety and depression.

The series come from creative British husband-and-wife duo Matt Thomas and Susan Allen, produced under their Something Pretty banner.

The six-minute episodes follow Katie (Meghan Maguire) and Shaun (Ricky Goldman) in sessions with their psychologists and beyond. Each must deal with the tolls that their conditions take on their lives, the strategies they employ and the lies they tell themselves to cope. When Katie and Shaun start up a relationship, they are forced to come to terms with their relative disorders, and contemplate the personal growth required to be happy.

Matt wrote the piece last year, after reflecting on his own experience with anxiety and depression, and what it means to be mentally well. He shares, “Most representations of mental disorders out there didn’t really ring true for me, so I wanted to explore how parts of my own experience might play out onscreen.”

Susan directs the episodes, adding “We both have personal experience with mental health, and we’ve supported family and friends over the years, so it’s a story close to our hearts. First and foremost, we hope people will find the show entertaining. And if someone feels less alone, or more like they can handle their own problems because of it, that would be amazing. By illuminating the characters’ struggles with anxiety and depression – which are often confusing or debilitating, sometimes downright frustrating, and yet just one part of who they are – we hope to foster a deeper and broader understanding of mental health, and its role in the human experience.”

To make sure KATIE & SHAUN stayed authentic, they turned to The Positive Mind Center in New York City to assist.

Watch KATIE & SHAUN beginning May 26th on YouTube.

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Meghan Maguire in “Katie & Shaun”

Ricky Goldman in “Katie & Shaun”

“Katie & Shaun” – from creators Matt Thomas and Susan Allen