Animaux is a growing collection of animals made by me, Tim Hobbelman.

After years of working with design and architecture, my feeling for style and composition stand out brilliantly in my new project Animaux. I use old, discarded electronic devices and turn them into figures of animals. I’ve been working at the “Ontdekfabriek” (Discovery Factory) in Eindhoven, where I gave workshops for children in which I used e-waste to assemble small robots. At the moment, I work from home and find most of my materials in second-hand shops.

The hardest part of making these creatures is collecting the materials which is always a struggle of finding the right colour, shape and size. Most animals take me more than 50 hours to complete.

“Genuinely, compellingly beautiful is the prehistoric bird he made that sits on a nest made of electronic wires.” Henri van der Steen (Brabants Dagblad 20-05-2015)

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Flying ant



Nest With A Bird