Our team swims with whales around the world. But the Kingdom of Tonga is something extraordinary. Only here, you can meet face-to-face with 15-meter humpback whales – and they won't go anywhere. They circle you, look at you, wave their fins, hit tails, poke noses at you. And they sing! You can even hear Whale's songs from the beach.

Why Tonga? Humpback whales, like any other animal, are looking for the safest place to breed offspring on the way of their migration to the Antarctic. As it happens, their pitstop of choice the Kingdom of Tonga. In calm shallow waters near the islands, whales hide their newborn babies from killer whales and other predators. A young whale, born with a length of about 4.5 meters, will spend the first two months of his life here: he will get stronger, gain weight and only then go on a journey across the oceans.

Whales, despite their size, are excellent swimmers and completely non-aggressive. They can swim two feet away from you or wave their huge fins right in front of you, but they are well aware that they can harm such a small creature as a human being, and therefore they behave as carefully as possible. Incredible experience!

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