These 20 photos I make to show people what kind of treasure we have in animals and that we should preserve those treasures we have and not destroy and kill them.

I am Goran Anastasovski, or king of the camera, called by London Daily Mail. I spent 13 years capturing incredible portraits of animals. I have been actively engaged in photography since 2006, mainly focused on nature and the wild animal world. My images show leopards, lions, tigers, giraffes in surprisingly relaxed poses, with many of them sharing intimate moments with their companions. With my photographic mastery, I managed to place my name on many media worldwide.

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I’m happy to not have faced creative blocks much in my photography - I have no problem coming up with new ideas. The idea usually comes as I stop in front of the animal I am photographing. So far I have not photographed a cheetah, and I think it would be great if I manage to make it. For me, the cheetah is one of the most graceful animals. Also, the fastest on the planet.

Usually, it is normal to wait a long time for a great photo to be taken, but in my case, it is not. I took the best photos very quickly with a wait of no more than one hour, which means that sometimes luck has a big part. In the moment, that is the most important for a great photo.

When photographing animals, there are no special preparations, because we are not working on static objects for which you can make a strategy. Of course, there are some tricks I've learned over time, such as when I start yawning at animals for a while, they start yawning too. It may sound unrealistic, but it really works.

There are many photographers whose work is great, but I see that I am not inspired by other photographs. I think that only diversity and uniqueness is the real path to success. My plan for the future is to continue with the same passion and love for this work, and I hope that many more beautiful photos will come out of my eye.

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