A mailman is a dog's best friend. Sounds a bit odd? But who said that dogs necessarily don't like mailmen? Sure, mailmen get special training to fend off attacks from canines, and it comes as a rule to avoid dogs if one can, but we all know what everyone says about rules. Something may be a rule, but there are always exceptions to every rule, and if there isn't a rule to an exception, then one should look harder. However, exceptions are naturally hard to come by, and therefore it's hard to even imagine that they exist. Yet once they're found, they turn the rule into a plain stereotype. Let's find an exception to challenge this stereotype in particular.

Take, for example, a guy from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cristiano da Silva Antunes, who goes by the name of Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais on his social media, which neatly translates to "Animal-friendly postman." He always wanted to break the stereotype that dogs hate postmen, and he does so successfully one picture at a time. And to prove that he's a stand-up guy, he's friendly to every animal that he meets, not only dogs. He says hello to the neighboring cats, rabbits, and all other kinds of animals.

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And he's not only there to showboat—he also has a mission. He often rescues animals that require immediate attention from veterinarians or shelters while he's on his way. He even dreams of opening up his own animal shelter so he could help his little animal friends even more than he does right now (which is still a lot by any standards).

The process of befriending a dog, especially as a mailman, is hard and long. First, Cristiano greets them and acknowledges the dog, then lets them sniff his hand from a distance so the dogs can get to know him better. Over time, he approaches them more and more, until they're close enough to lick his face.

It may come as no surprise that the animal-friendly postman owns a few dogs and three cats with his spouse. He says he's been around dogs ever since his childhood, and that might explain why dogs greet him as one of their own. Or perhaps dogs are not as prejudiced towards mailmen as we initially thought? In any case, the amazing animal-friendly postman keeps charming his 87k fans and the whole wide world with a message that he delivers with every photo that he takes—"(this) mailman is a dog's best friend."

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