Although surfing through feels like you’ve just built a time machine that brought you back to the early days of the Internet, here you’ll always find lots of artistic geniuses that will blow your mind. And this is exactly what happened this time, so I’d like to introduce Paige Thompson, better known by the nickname of Viridis-Somnio, a makeup artist from the United States.

First of all, she has a killer set of lips, and while this is already a halfway to success, Paige came up with an original idea of transforming them into cute animals with her lip makeup skills. Second, she has a mole next to her lips, which is like a trademark, and you just can’t stop giggling while reading her post called Yes. I have a mole near my mouth.

Her fantastic lips, incredible drawing ideas, and body art skills combined with her lively personality make a killer combo, so we are more than proud to present the unique artworks of Animal Lipstick Art by Paige Thompson here on Boredpanda.

Bumble Bee


This is our favorite animal drawing! Don’t ask why :)





Black Cat