Panic buyers are storming shops to stockpile on pretty much everything from toilet paper to condoms. As they fight for the items on the shelves, they often forget that those who refill them are humans, too.

Retail workers are already talking about the abuse they have to endure at work, but it looks like the situation isn’t getting any better. After Tesco employee Angela Breathet came back from her shift, she was in floods of tears. She told her husband Allan about being shouted at, called names, and treated with no respect whatsoever.

Fed up with all the selfishness in the midst of a pandemic, Allan penned a powerful Facebook post, highlighting why we have to remain decent human beings. It’s sad the public needs to be reminded of this, but let it be a wake-up call for all of us. Scroll down to read what the man had to say, and tell us if you agree with his thoughts in the comments.

Image credits: allan.breathet.5

“Too many people have been watching 28 Days Later and thinking we’re going to run out of food, it’s just got a wee bit out of hand,” Allan, from Inverness, Scotland, told Mirror. “My wife came home on Sunday from work – she’s worked at Tesco for 25 years now and she’s worked Christmases and New Years and she’s never seen anything like it in her life.”

Usually, Angela comes home and says ‘how are you doing?’ That day she just came in and when he asked her how she was he could tell by her misdemeanor that something was very wrong. “She just looked at me, walked straight past me, went into the bedroom and just lay on the bed. I asked ‘are you ok?’ and she just started crying, nobody should come home from work like that.

The kids were wondering what was wrong with their mom as well, so Allan tried to explain to them that people were jerks to her and her friends at work. “They asked why? And said ‘mum’s not done anything wrong.'”

Allan pointed out that people working at stores are just trying to serve the public and do their best. “To be called names, be shouted at and blamed for these things is past a joke.”

He said the Facebook post was just a rant, and he can’t believe how it’s taken off, with more than 165,000 shares.  “Everybody who has commented has been so supportive. All I wanted was for people, when they go shopping, to be kind and don’t be aggravated.”

Here’s how people responded to Allan’s post