Ice Cream & Art Month

What better way to celebrate National Ice cream month than by exploring it creatively with our community.

Who doesn’t love a 99 with a flake or a Cornetto over the summer months? Sitting on the beach sharing an ice cream with your favourite person. Ahh.. the endless summer.. hearing those magic chimes of the ice cream van start up somewhere in the hot air.

So, we’re exploring this throughout the month through a series of Ice Cream Art projects.

We ordered 500 ice cream cones that we’ve handed out around Barcelona for the launch of our ‘Ice Cream and Art gallery’. And asked people to tag their images socially using our #IamAConeArtist hashtag, submit or send in to help build the gallery.

We’ve also created a series of templates design by some amazing artists to help with people with their creative ideas.

Adding their ideas of what they would want on top of an Ice Cream; from clouds to faces, ducks to sea sponges. We want people to get creative and send us their amazingly creative ideas.

We’re creating a gallery curated by us, for everyone, from amazing artist to anyone who wants to get creative.

As Art is truly for everyone.

More info:

Queen Cone with Special Sauce. ;)

Michael and ET fight over a Cone.

Paper Cactus Cone

Splat Cream

MeerKat Cone.

Moon on a Stick ( Cone )