Hello, my friends! In my previous post, I introduced you to my silly little webcomic, Clams on the Side. During the course of this past year, the webcomic chugged along at its usual pace until this past August, when a new member of our family arrived.

Seeing as time would be a luxury, the 4-panel comic was put on a temporary hiatus to focus more on the little one. However, the comic was not fully in limbo, as I undertook what would be a fun and frustrating (let's call it FUNSTRATING) little project with the Clams universe that involved a single panel and the wonderful world of alliteration. What started off as a simple project turned into many hours of staring at dictionary.com (and the like) trying to piece together sentences that made sense as well as sounded right.

Below you will see the result of those many hours of funstration—all 26 single-panel comics from letters A to Z... alliterated.

And if you want to check out more of the webcomic (which is back in the 4-panel swing), you can hit up my Instagram profile.

Thanks so much for your time, and I hope you all have a great rest of your year. 

More info: Instagram | Facebook | clamsontheside.com | patreon.com | twitter.com

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