If you have ever retrieved a damaged suitcase after a flight, this video might shed some light on what might have happened to it. Vanessa Marsh shared a recording on Twitter, showing every plane passenger’s worst nightmare – an airport employee throwing their luggage like a piece of trash instead of letting it gently slide down the chute. The woman throws them down, not even mildly concerned about breaking passengers’ belongings.

After Vanessa’s video gained more than 40k views, Hawaiian Airlines posted a reply, promising to look further into the situation. However, the people were still outraged, demanding they fire the employee. Scroll down to check out the actions that ignited the whole thing and let us know what you think the company should do about the worker in question.

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Vanessa Marsh shared a video on Twitter showing every plane passenger’s worst nightmare

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Some people were trying to defend the airport employee

However, most people were left righteously angry after watching the video

Hawaiian Airlines posted an apology saying that the worker’s actions were completely unacceptable