Before I left to Tokyo my Airbnb host messaged me from Canada asking me to paint something little on his walls. In exchange, he would refund my stay and I would be able to call his place my own whenever I visited Tokyo. I was truly honored. So I left a little love behind!

I paint with Japanese Brushes and Sumi Ink most often. So painting on the walls of this incredible and tiny home in Shibuya, Tokyo was a dream. Being able to use traditional Japanese mediums on the walls worked perfectly. Eric, The owner of the space has become a friend since and I’m so grateful I got to create and leave a piece of me in Tokyo – a place that I’d like to call my second home someday!

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Sabet girls on the walls and Lovequals Script on the door

I paint using Traditional Japanese Brushes and Sumi Ink

I’m so grateful for leaving a little love behind in Shibuya, Tokyo

A little love in the Bathroom

This is what happens if you leave Sabet in your home alone