After the US Election result, for some, our response is only to act through criticism. We run to protest. We reach for the megaphone. We tweet until we’re blue in the face. And that’s great — we need people on the front lines. But for many of us, we need to be OK ourselves before we can act. We need inner peace. We need focus. We need time. And that’s where the idea of Subway Therapy by “Levee” comes in.

Artist Matthew “Levee” Chavez runs Subway Therapy below the streets of New York City. He usually sets up shop underground with a table and two chairs — one for him, and another for any stranger to sit down and chat about whatever’s on their mind.

Chavez thought his services would be especially helpful in the aftermath of a divisive election that left many feeling anxious, scared, and confounded. “I think there’s so much fear, despair, depression, anxiety, stress, that it’s really crippling people’s ability to move forward,” he said.

He pulled out his table and chairs, like usual, but decided to go a step further this time, bringing Post-it notes and some pens for folks to express themselves in writing and stick their notes to the tiled wall.

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This artist asked strangers to post notes on New York’s subway walls to express their feelings about election

The idea took off. About 1,500 notes were left posted to the wall

Writing your emotions on a sticky note clearly helps

“We will be OKAY”

“Your Hijab is Beautiful,” it clearly says it all

“I will always stand by your side,” read another

“Stand tall. We will overcome and grow together”

“Dear NY… Walk into this storm with strong hearts and firm feet”

“I love you”

“Have a voice”

What an amazing day. 1,500 posts by so many awesome people