Over the last few weeks, social media has gone crazy with leaked images, documents, and videos about UFO sightings. The origin of these unexplainable objects has been scooping major attention from The New York Times, CNN, and Gulf News to NASA.

IKEA wants to get ahead of others and prepare in case aliens exist. They created a special range of assembly manuals for extraterrestrials to build their dream home in case they may move to planet Earth and live in harmony with us one day.

More info: Instagram | ikea.com

Aliens can use the BILLY bookcase to stock up on some knowledge of mankind, in case they want to become the first aliens on Earth to win ”Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”

Aliens can rest on the BRIMNES bed after an interplanetary journey to Earth or a wild ride on Alpha

Last but not least, they can also binge-watch all the popular series made by humans on the comfortable POÄNG armchair